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Our Values

01. Excellence

We strive to provide the best in bilingual education and to be professional, flexible in the manner in which we educate students.

02. Cross-cultural

We are committed to an environment that promotes cross-cultural learning through the alliance school networks.

03. Transnational

We embrace transnational education, bridging students to the globalisation era.

04. Leaderships and Independent

We strive to be progressive in our network to cultivate leadership and independent quality among students.

05. Innovation

We encourage and embed innovation in what we do.

06. Trust and Respect

We aim to create a respectful and meaningful network that fosters high ethical standards and that is free of discrimination and harassment, where students and teachers take pride in their participation.

07. Business Knowledge Driven

We recognise that practical business knowledge is critical to students regardless of study interests and future pathways, and strive to promote a learning environment where basic business knowledge is cultivated, and talents are shared.

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